Our Services

Baron’s Cafe is a publishing and publishing  consulting brand of Fairchild Media. The brand has worked with Nigerian writers of all genres to produce familiar and experimental narratives from its pre-press stages to the eventual publishing. Fairchild Media has a team of editors, proofreaders, designers and quality control hands who believe in bring a breath of fresh air out of a new book.

We are are also involved in marketing and distribution of books across trusted platforms in the country. Our consulting team help writers not just to publish but to create a presence that translates to sales through its marketing strategies.


We offer a well managed portfolio for publishing stories, verses, drama, memoirs and other creative works.
Our publishing imprints are Baron’s Café for literary works, Aramide for Children books, and Nostalgia Press for Non-fiction stories

Print Service

We coordinate the entire production of physical copies of your book to the best standards with the options of printing locally or internationally, which we accomplish through our printing partnerships in Nigeria at affordable price.

e-Book Conversion Services: We also convert literary works into standard e-book formats (EPUB & PDF) so that they may take advantage of recent developments in digital reading.

Print Volumes:

  • Limited Editions (250-500 copies)
  • Standard Editions (1000-5000 copies)

Marketing and Distribution

We handle delivery and distribution of books and other literary materials. We do door-to-door deliveries of books nationwide and worldwide. We are fast, efficient, reliable and our channels are trusted. 

One of the major challenges facing the African literary industry is the paucity of resources to chase after quality in terms of book production and ultimately, the inability of book vendors to decide on a sales/marketing plan. Our marketing team is dedicated to getting your book into the faces and minds of the public, using tested and trusted strategies that will be deployed via print, social and alternative media.

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