*Startculture Partners with Baron’s Cafe

StartCulture, a skill training platform for creatives in Africa, in collaboration with Baron’s Cafe, the publishing imprint of Fairchild Media has announced The StartCulture Review Prize. The Book Review is open for Nigerians based at home (Nigeria).

Oriyomi Adebare, Creative Director of StartCulture noted that ‘we hope to receive robust and engaging submissions from readers and reviewers. This will enable Startculture measure to some level the craftsmanship and critical thinking of the participating writers, and intervene through its training and conversations platform. We hope to continue this prize and extend it to film, music and art reviews. Hopefully, we will increase the prize money every year when we engage greater partnerships and sponsorships’.

StartCulture is a skill, craft and experience platform for creatives across Africa. The Start-Up firm has so far hosted writers, music professionals to share insights on the management of their talent, skill and coming-of-age in expanding industry.

Terms and Conditions

1. Purchase any one of the Baron’s Cafe books on www.baronscafe.com this month. Review and submit to startcultureng@gmail.com

2. Review must be original and devoid of regurgitated thoughts. It must be engaging. Must not be less than a 1000 words

3. Review must be submitted with full, official names, phone numbers, twitter, instagram handles and email address.

4. Following @FairchildMedia @Startcultureng is optional.

5. The Prize money is a winner take all. The best review of any of the books will be paid 20,000NGN. Consolation prizes are optional and dependent on the quality of the review. This will be decided by the judges.

6. All reviews will be accorded authorial acknowledgements. However, the right of use, by any means or medium is reserved to Startculture and Baron’s Cafe.

7. Reviewer must be Nigerian, of Nigerian descent, and based in Nigeria.

8. The Review Competition is not open to any member of Fairchild Media, Startculture or Baron’s Cafe.

Meet the Judges

Kelvin Kellman

Kelvin Kellman is a writer,editor and critic who writes from Lagos, Nigeria. He’s had works featured or forthcoming in The Blue Mountain Review, Hawaii Review, Santa Clara Review, North Dakota Quarterly, and elsewhere. He’s the Editor-in-Chief of The Stockholm Review of Literature.

Oriyomi Anthony

Oriyomi Anthony is an editor and writer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology, and a Master’s in Managerial Psychology — both from Obafemi Awolowo University. Oriyomi manages Witty Consult, a writing and editorial services firm. She is also an Intermediate Level member of Society for Book and Magazine Editors of Nigeria (SBMEN). Oriyomi has engaged in proofreading/editing for renowned publishing firms and authors across Nigeria. Oriyomi is also the Creative Director of StartCulture.

Tọ́pẹ́ Eniobanke-Adégòkè

Tọ́pẹ́-ẸniỌbańkẹ́ Adégòkè is a traveller, literary critic and writer from Ibadan, Nigeria. He writes for Africa in Words and Wawa Book Review, Abuja. Tọ́pẹ́ is the co-publisher of Fortunate Traveller, a travel journal. He enjoys travelling and cooking. @LiteraryGansta is his alter ego on Twitter.


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