Arámìdé Releases Lolade Adewuyi’s The Lost Little Masquerade
Arámìdé is the Children’s Book Imprint of Baron’s Cafe

Cover The Lost Little Masquerade

Arámìdé, the children’s book imprint of Fairchild Media, has announced the publication of The Lost Little Masquerade written by Lolade Adewuyi. The imprint, which expresses love, unity, friendship, communality, hope, playfulness, and culture, kicked off operations worldwide with its first children’s picture book—The Lost Little Masquerade with illustrations hand-painted by Lagos-based painter and sculptor, Abolore Sobayo.

The Lost Little Masquerade explores the journey of Taju, a six-year-old boy who becomes lost at his first Eyo Festival and is rescued by a policewoman who helps him find his father and the rest of his Eyo group. Through the medium of loss, a topic that resonates with children, and colourful images, the authors show us the beautiful Eyo culture of Lagos, West Africa’s biggest and most vibrant city in all its glory.

Author Lolade Adewuyi

Adewuyi, a writer and journalist, holds a BA and MA in English Studies and Literature from the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife, and the University of Lagos respectively. He was a former editor at, TELL magazine, OVATION  and a Guardian newspaper Contributor. He is also a 2016 Potanin Olympic Fellow at the Russian International Olympic University, Sochi.

“I wrote the story during the first Covid-19 lockdown as we struggled to find new stories for my daughter due to the closure of libraries. It came from an experience that I had while covering the Eyo Festival in 2009 that left a great impression on me. I hope that children and parents will find the theme instructive and an enjoyable read,” Adewuyi said.

Illustrator Abolore Sobayo

Sobayo, the book’s illustrator, studied Painting at the Yaba College of Technology. He is a renowned visual artist who has had exhibitions in Nigeria as well as overseas. He is most well-known for his imposing sculpture, Liberation, depicting the Afrobeat legend, Fela Kuti, that stands in the centre of Ikeja, Lagos. He has held residences in Germany and Thailand. He is also the founder of the gallery, Je’losimi Art Centre and the Sobayo Abolore Art Foundation in Oshodi, Lagos.

“The paintings bring the story of little Taju to life using the Eyo Festival as background. It is not just a children’s picture book, The Lost Little Masquerade is a colourful collection of art works that everyone should want to own,” Sobayo said.

The Lost Little Masquerade is now available in leading bookshops across Nigeria.

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