Baron’s Cafe Publishes Lockdown by Kunle Ajayi

Baron’s Cafe, a publishing brand of Fairchild Media is impressed by the creative output of AdekunleAjayi. Adekunle Ajayi’s book of poems, Lockdown was published in June 2020.

Ajayi’s new book is a rich work of a hardwon, no-nonsense bard whose decision is to curate an unusual but relatable language to engage sociopolitical realities in Nigeria’s cosmopolis at this time.

This collection uses all its resources to expose the tensions of near-babaric nature of our society by deploying private and collective interactions as part of the brokenness of society. There are also symbolic name-calling that are reminiscent of Femi Fatoba’s ‘They Said I Abused the Government’. There is also a reflective journeying that speaks to the culture normalising the prodigiously incoherent tyrannies, the lack of empathy, and the gross misgovernance that have thrived in our society.

The collection is beautiful because it uses wit, satire, sacarsm and storytelling to render in a variety of Pidgin English and English verses the unexpected shocks of a flawed governance in the time of a pandemic.

“A bold and expansive voyage of verse which captures the joys and absurdities of the “Great Lockdown” and its impossibility in Nigeria whilst weaving threads of the global situation into this distinctively Naija fabric of defiance. Blazing with reckless creativity. Searching and daring Kunle lives up to his name in the five moments of this iconoclastic social commentary that his poetry is – the thingfull house!”

— Baba Aye

“Wonderful piece…very insightful and truthfully mind blowing. I love it and I am inspired!”

— Eedris Abdulkareem

“Consciousness yet to full come to grip with an experience in motion, the poet hands
us a collection from a voyaging pandemic ravaging the frontiers of existence, with a
clear verdict, of a greater virus of cannibals and “Carnivores making as leaders/their
walls are clones”.

—- Aj. Dagga Tola
Poet, author, socialist activist, secretary Nigerian
Pen Centre, Acting General Secretary, Democratic Socialist Movement.

Kunle Wizeman Ajayi is a revolutionary socialist, conversationalist and journalist. Lockdown is his third book of poems. He is a member of the Take It Back Movement (TIB) and chair of the African Action Congress (AAC) in Lagos state. A longstanding
member of the Socialist Workers and Youths League(SWL,) Kunle has been a leading activist in the #RevolutionNow movement spearheaded by the Coalition for Revolution (CORE.) He served as the General Secretary of theUnited Action for Democracy (UAD).

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