Preserving Memory

Memory is a great treasure that we must keep. It is part of the recollections of our growth and our becoming. When we elevate men through the entrenchment of their stories, we establish their values, by tracing their trajectories, linking theirs to the modern ancestors and stretching it into communal and national progress.

It is not too early to chronicle the tales and record the sayings. It is not too far away before it becomes a staple of history. History becomes tangible when the historian archives it in forms worthy of preserved and consistent transition.

This book has inspired us. It has made us realise that leadership is one hinge of the scissors and followership is another, and the interactions between both have the capacity to either sharpen or corrupt the landscape. Baron’s Cafe will be publishing new works–incllusive of Biographies and memoirs in the new year. Writers should not talk in parables and allegories all the time but should convey the real and lived experience of the era.

Sam Daddy, In My Eyes by Paulcy Iwuala is an observers reflection of leadership from the early post colonial times till present. The activities of the politician and the politicised and the emergence of Sam Daddy as a political negotiator and leader whose exceptional skill of balancing on the tightrope of leadership is explored.

Happy New Decade

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